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Charity Event @ MO Museum, Lithuania (ne) apie mus

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you. - Katie Reed With this idea in mind, on December 30th we've gathered at an incredible MO Museum for an evening of yoga, music, meaningful connections with others and ourselves. I had this idea in mind for a while and one day I just thought 'enough thinking, I can really do this'. I called up the people who I secretly thought will jump straight on board  and they did! The more I listen the more I understand how manifestation works. The time between Christmas and New Year can sometimes be really unsettling for some of us hence why I wanted to create a safe space for us all to simply disconnect to reconnect back to what truly matters. Not only that, we had people that were doing yoga for the first time and I know how intimidating this could get sometimes, I wanted everybody to feel safe and looked after. We had wives and their husbands, mothers with their daughters, sisters and friends practising together and creating pure magic. We not only celebrated this festive season together, but all of the ticket sales went straight to the charity 'ne apie mane' to help children with diabetes. 

We managed to raise €1005 so we really cannot thank you all enough for your big hearts.   We hope this is just a beginning for what could become a beautiful tradition over the holiday period.  I would like to thank Simona Sarapaite, for her dedication and beautiful heart, without her help this would have stayed just a beautiful idea in my mind. Monika Linkyte and Tadas Daumantas, for your beautiful music that touched us all.  Reformatas - for providing us with yoga mats! Kaip Kam for treating our yogis and yoginis to delicious kambucha. Agne Katmandu - for capturing it all.

MO Museum - for welcoming us into your beautiful sanctuary. To many more great things in 2020. x  

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