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Why go on a yoga retreat?

Updated: Jun 4

If you ever thought of going on a different type of holiday where you truly will be looking after your body from the inside out - consider joining a yoga retreat! There are so many options to choose from right now - from weekend getaways to week long escapes. When you are in a space where you are practicing everyday, delving deeper into various meditation techniques, nurturing your body with nutritious food, you can really start to see shifts in your practise and your mindset.


Here are 5 reason why you should join a yoga retreat!

1. You'll feel truly refreshed

Even from doing 2-5 activities per day, you won't feel exhausted! Yoga retreats are tailored mindfully for you to have space for learning but also to relax and even take naps! You'll have a chance to put your regular doings to the side and focus on your wellbeing, of fully recharging your mind and body.

2. You'll meet like minded people

Going solo is the best decision ever! Yes, it might be uncomfortable and scary at first but remember - everybody goes on a yoga retreat for very similar reasons. Meeting like-minded people outside of your usual circles can be incredibly liberating. You might even meet someone for life. Don't get me wrong, traveling with your loved one or a few friends is also an incredible idea - you'll have an amazing time together.

3. You'll receive a continued support from your teacher

Often after taking a yoga class we might have questions but we need to rush back to work or lunch break.. In a yoga retreat a teacher is always there and you can have a friendly chat over a cup of tea or dinner. Use this time and ask as many questions as possible.

4. You'll eat well

Food is my favourite thing in the world and the food on a yoga retreat is usually vegetarian or vegan, and therefore lighter and healthier. Dishes tend to be cooked using local and seasonal ingredients with so much love and care. Not having to worry about where or when to eat allows you to enjoy each bite and could inspire you to change your eating habits for the better. It's all about being open to new flavours and experiences.

5. Reconnecting with your true nature

Everyone has a different reason and perspective for going on a yoga retreat but the core is the same for all - to achieve tranquillity, mental integration, and a blissful timeout. You'll find time to finally hear yourself out, to open up and feel.

Have I convinced you yet? Have a little scroll through our photos from the retreats by the lake, in stunning Lithuanian country side.

Maybe I'll see you soon?


Photos by Gabriele Gurciute

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