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I'm Lina, Lithuanian born, adventuring around the globe and always on my yoga mat.

You won't hear any groundbreaking story here, nor have I ever experienced a career burnout. Yoga found its way into my heart 8 years ago. It was a hatha vinyasa class that caught my attention and since then my yoga mat became my safe place. I have lived in London for 5 years, worked in TV production industry and it didn't take long for me to realise that without a healthy mind & body one cannot live freely. Every single time I needed to ground myself back down, I turned to my yoga mat. Whenever I needed to let my emotions flow - I turned to my yoga mat. Through breath, movement and meditation I learned to love myself a little bit more.

Now I'm passionate to share these tools with You and help you lead a harmonious and balanced life. 

I received my 200H In Goa India, 2018 and since then I've never stopped learning. It’s kind of difficult to put what yoga means to me into words because it’s more of a feeling - I feel a sense of purpose when I teach, it brings me serenity and peace into my everyday life and I’m able to spread that joy to the people around me.

If you are looking to start your yoga journey, want to collaborate or just say 'hi' I'd love to hear from you!

H E Y,   I T   I S   G O O D   T O   S E E   Y O U !

Yoga Girl

You change the world by being yourself.



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