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/ the journey home: yoga & meditation retreat

a collaboration x Menorca Experimental
october 23-27, 2024

/ about

"Be easy, take your time. You are coming home to yourself."


As we gently step into the transitional months of fall and the trees begin to shed their leaves, we too are invited to reflect, let go, and transform. We are delighted to announce “The journey home,” a retreat crafted to help you reconnect with nature’s rhythm, its elements, embody balance and harmony, nurture your soul, and find deep inner stillness.


Join us as we gather with like-minded souls to honor the magic of movement, meditation, sacred ceremonies, sound, and breath. You’ll be invited to dive deeper into your heart, exploring your inner landscape, lowering your guard, and softening to the wisdom that resides within.


This retreat's aim is simple: to reconnect you with the profound beauty and abundant richness of nature and yourself. You will leave feeling refreshed, grounded, connected and inspired.


/ highlights

This retreat is perfect for you if...

  • You have experienced or wish to experience the transformational power of yoga.

  • You seek to deepen your spiritual practice and reconnect with your truest self.

  • You aim to strengthen your bond with nature and its elements.

  • You desire to experience transformational ceremonies.

  • You want to reduce your stress and anxiety.

  • You feel the call to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

  • You wish to dedicate time to honor and deeply love yourself.

Some of the highlights:

  • Daily dynamic and restorative yoga

  • Kundalini kriya activation

  • Mindful trek to the beach with meditation

  • Transformational Breath-work

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Sound Journey

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/ accommodation & prices

The rooms boast a sleek design that combines simplicity and elegance. Pale olive wood and natural leather blend harmoniously with a color palette inspired by the Menorcan sky: from the pale blues and golden yellows of dawn to the vibrant rust tones of the most resplendent sunsets.

Standard Rooms

Your retreat in Single Room :  2180 per person 

Your retreat in Twin Room (shared room with another person) : 1680 per person

Casa de Campo Rooms (Premium option)

Your retreat in Single Room : 3140 per person 

Your retreat in Twin Room (shared room with another person) : 2160 per person

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