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Yoga teacher, Lithuania

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by Lina


I am Lina - yoga teacher, retreat organiser, overall wellness enthusiast and a big adventurer. It's truly wonderful how yoga practise has changed my life. I strongly believe that through the power of our breath and movement we can transform not just our body but our mind too.  I lead practises with an open heart, guiding you every step of the way, whether this is through a yoga class or a weekend retreat experience. 

With love, Lina



From my home to yours - join our incredible community of yogis from all over the world! Classes to suit all levels and taste.

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Simona S.

It was the best decision to go for a first yoga retreat with Lina. Absolutely amazing experience with the most amazing people around. Classes and workshops were all different, yet each inspiring to do and learn more, the place was beautiful, food was delicious and all other activities helped escape the routine.

Yoga Retreat in Lithuania

Monika B.

I had an amazing experience on my first ever yoga retreat.

Loved it and didn't want to leave. Lina is absolutely brilliant! So if you're planning to attend her class or join a yoga retreat, be prepared to feel great!

Yoga Retreat in Lithuania

Miriam A.

I just came back from my first Yoga retreat and it has exceeded my expectations. I feel grounded and myself again.
After this weekend I feel full of good energy and happy. 

Yoga Retreat in Spain