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august 15-18

/ inner wisdom retreat

a journey to self-discovery

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

We all possess an inner wisdom, a profound truth, but it often lies buried beneath the weight of childhood conditioning, societal norms, and rigid concepts of right and wrong. In a world full of noise, our true selves can become hidden.

This Inner Wisdom Retreat is a sanctuary, offering you the space, tools, sacred medicine and a supportive community to peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, freeing yourself from guilt, pain, or sadness, and opening up to more love and acceptance. Here, you will rediscover the essence of who you are, free from external expectations, and embrace the authentic truth that has always been within you.

/ highlights

Intake call

Yoga & meditation

mindfulness practises

breath-work ceremony

plant medicine ceremony

forest bathing

sauna & fire


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/ plant medicine ceremony

Our plant medicine ceremony is a meticulously curated experience designed to help participants connect deeply with their inner world. This ceremony is personalised to meet individual needs, with carefully adjusted doses to align with your intentions. The experience is further enhanced by a specially designed soundscape that facilitates deeper states of consciousness, allowing for the exploration of infinite possibilities and the gaining of profound insights toward healing.

The ceremony is complemented by meditative and breath-work practices before and after to provide a solid ground for your process to unfold. You’ll be immersed in a wonderful music journey, enhancing the overall experience.


"The retreat exceeded my expectations. The combination of breath-work and plant medicine ceremonies opened up new paths for personal growth. The support from Nico and the team was exceptional."

/ breath-work ceremony

You’ll be guided through a powerful breath-work journey, experiencing deeper states of meditation through shifts in brainwave activity.


Intense breath-work transitions your brain from the everyday beta waves to slower alpha, theta, and sometimes gamma waves. We refer to this sometimes as “silencing the inner critic” that allows us to connect further with our intuition, access memories and experience deep release.

During a session, you’ll engage in intense and rapid breathing patterns accompanied by a carefully curated soundtrack. This practice can lead to altered states of consciousness, characterised by expanded awareness and heightened sensations.

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/ Nico

Introducing Nico, the founder of La Casa in Ibiza. With more than 20 years of experience in plant medicine, Nico is a certified music therapist, sound engineer, multifaceted artist, and life transformative coach.

Following a family tragedy that plunged him into severe depression, Nico discovered the profound benefits of plant medicine, combined with art therapy and mindfulness. This pivotal experience not only transformed his mental and physical well-being but also ignited a passion for the deeper healing potentials of plant medicine.

Nico's coaching focuses on finding the root cause of his clients' issues and providing the necessary tools and support for self-growth. For Nico, helping others through the transformative power of plant medicine is not just a motivation but a life calling.

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/ Lina

Lina is a certified Yoga and meditation instructor, sound & Reiki healer, ceremonial cacao facilitator, and yoga retreat organizer. Her mission is rooted in the creation of a nurturing and safe environment where profound healing can unfold.

With compassion as her guiding light, Lina empowers others to release emotional, physical, and mental blockages through a holistic approach, weaving together various techniques and modalities of deep somatic work.

“Through meaningful connections and shared experiences, we collaboratively craft a nurturing environment where healing and personal growth thrive, fostering a profound sense of unity among us all. In our journey together, we find solace and companionship, guiding one another towards a place we can call home.”

Inner Wisdom (2).png


/ accommodation

A remote lake house situated about 1.5h away from Vilnius international airport, Lithuania.

Here, every detail is tended to by our own hands, creating a haven of tranquility and peace. We warmly invite you to join us in this sanctuary, where you can unwind, soothe both body and mind, and partake in these enriching practices within the safety and comfort of our home.

There are 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms in the main house. Double rooms will be shared with one other person, if you are coming with someone you know, you may reserve a room together.

Alternatively limited private rooms are available too.

inner wisdom house -4.jpg

/ information & prices

August 15-18, 2024

fly to

Vilnius international airport

group size
Curated group of max 8 participants

€1550 for a private room
€950 per person in shared double room

"I came to the retreat feeling lost and disconnected. Thanks to the mindful practices and Nico's compassionate guidance, I left with a renewed sense of purpose and inner peace."

“I cannot put into words how much this retreat has meant to me. You have inspired me to find strength in myself and reminded me how much growth is possible when I step outside of my comfort zone. The connections I’ve made here will stay in my heart forever. You’ve reminded me to walk through life with peace and love.”

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