Are you curious about yoga or new to the practice? Do you want to have the confidence and knowledge to experience the many benefits of yoga in your life - keeping you healthy, energetic, relieving even the worst stress and anxiety, balancing emotions and totally empowering you!

Whatever your shape, size or age it is never too late to get yourself on the mat and move. Together we'll help you embrace your body and discover the amazing power of you at your best. In your private session we'll cover a few aspects of yoga - pranayamas (breathing techniques), asanas (physical postures), & meditation. We'll be able to tailor each class to your own personal needs creating sequences that strengthens, tones and makes your body more flexible. 

Private yoga sessions complement drop-in classes and personal practice by allowing you to work closely with a teacher on key aspects of your yoga practice. By breaking yoga poses down in detail and having more time for adjustments and questions, you will start to build a greater understanding and appreciation of yoga poses and also of the more subtle elements of yoga, allowing them to work with the practice on a deeper level. They're great if you're looking to work on specific postures, if you want to focus on certain key aspects of your practice, or if you're simply finding it difficult to make it to classes on a regular basis and you want to practice at a time that's convenient for you.




- One to One classes at your home/ studio/ outdoors

- Online Live classes

- Family Yoga

- Small group Yoga sessions
- Corporate classes

- Any other celebration (birthdays, Hen Do's)

- Private retreats

- Reiki Energy Healing

- Sound Healing


For general enquiries, private classes, collaborations, retreats and workshops.

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